Manny the Greek

the story

F ar & wide, long and strong DJ Manny the Greek has navigated the music scene for over 20 years, starting from NJ, to NY, Miami, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Cancun, Mexico, Medellin, Colombia, as well as Greece. He has a demeanor so appeasing it has a rippling effect on the crowd on his nightly sets. At a young age he had the capacity to read as well as write music. He was aware that music was his quintessential calling and that it would govern his life. He was a member of the grade school band as well as high school, being musically inclined in various areas, but his forte was the Trombone. His very first private DJ gig was June of 1987, and the very first “Club” gig was in his hometown in 1the early 90’s called “Bojos”. He was branded with the name “Manny the Greek in High School and it had resided ever since. Consistently, “DJ Manny the Greek” started to DJ all of his Fraternity parties while attending Rutgers College, (graduating with a Degree in Computer Science & Economics). A stretch of 20 years Djing entails a very lengthy list of venues, of dedication to his follower’s and to an Entertainment Company he owns which he has also given his craft to for many years called JTK Entertainment, specializing in Weddings, Sweet 16’s etc. where he has 10 DJ’S that are employed with him. As he tends to focus on Larger scale weddings, and the Nightlife scene. DJ MTG recollects” One of the most infamous nights to have been a DJ was back in 1997, where “ABYSS” held a party that was called “Wild Life Wednesday’s”, which was one of the biggest Dance nights in NJ at the time.” This is where DJ Manny the Greek held an 8 year residency, at Club Abyss, which helped his name become more recognized at other venues in NJ such as, five straight summer residencies at Club XS, in Seaside Heights.

Manny has had many residencies in venues in NJ from Club Abyss in Sayreville, NJ, Deko Lounge in Sayreville, NJ, Chris Michaels in Woodbridge, NJ, Park East in Hazlet and now in 2015 at Gotham Red Bank, NJ. Besides being a headliner, he also gets inspired by some of his favorite DJ’S, Steve Angelo, as well as others, including a friend and fellow DJ Erick Morillo. All of whom help inspire him. Other DJs like Roger Sanchez and of course Tiesto, which whom he opened for at Abyss of 2008, “Opening for Tiesto was one of my highlights of my DJ Career.” His lists of venues are infinite, opening for Richie Santana at Pacha, Erick Morillo at Surf Club, and of course Tiesto at Abyss.

It is only evident that the amount of dedication and patience as well as gratitude for the music is nothing but resounding through the speakers along with his tracks the moment he drops his big tracks. His followers come needing to be musically fed by a most likely dependable source, DJ Manny the Greek. Everything about him is consistent, the energy he exudes each and every time he plays, his personality never skips a beat, and the best part about him is that he is so positive about life you cannot help but be nurtured by this enchanting DJ. There is something magical his music provides because it is as if he has stepped into the “Fountain of Youth”. Manny states “When you love what you do, it keeps you young. I plan on producing much more and in hopes of becoming a traveling more of the world as a DJ, as well as still securing my residencies, knowing that the key to success is to truly be humble at all times.”

What is the best advice Manny had to give every DJ: “Younger, older, it makes no difference, experience is what gives you knowledge.” A Sultan is one who is known for being noble, humble, and worthy of adoration, you tell me, this DJ is not only worthy of ruling his House Musical Underworld, also I will tell you to not only listen to his music… listen to him speak.

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